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About the Owner

We Are Passionate About Cars

 Wild About Cars Garage is owned and operated by highly experienced industry professionals with many years of automotive expertise, car industry experience, and deep knowledge of classic cars and the various facets of the automotive industry including, collections management, restoration expertise, sales, service, and the car enthusiast culture and the local car scene whatever your interests and car enthusiasms may be Wild About Cars is a place you should go for your car enthusiast needs and they are people you should know who will be happy to assist you in helping fuel your car passions. 

Virtually meet the owner WARREN LUBOW: Listen to his story

An interview with  Warren Lubow  is now live on Cars YeahiTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher.  You may also listen to your interview here:

Whether you need Car storage or a Great Venue to have an Event where you are surrounded by classic cars or some insights on the local car scene or maybe you are searching to find your dream car or that special high quality daily driver or maybe you need to sell a car and don’t want to work with one of the usual high pressure consignment types or perhaps you just need to get your fix for some car talk we are the source and we encourage you to call or drop by and get to know us here .  Our facility is also a great place to hold events in a unique environment surrounded by some amazing cars and a fantastic car themed facility that is a great atmosphere that adds to any occasion.